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* ホーム ヘルプ ログイン 登録


  1. ログイン
    1. ログイン画面
    2. 簡易ログイン
  2. ログアウト
  3. パスワード再発行




Since this screen (accessed from the ログイン option of the メインメニュー) is not only where you'll normally be taken on completing registration but also the first thing you'll see in any 'members only' forum, we will describe it first:


While the ユーザ名パスワード fields should be self-explanatory, ログイン時間(分) simply means the number of minutes the cookie that keeps you logged in will last before expiring and requiring you to ログイン again. So it's not advisable to enter a long time here if you share a computer and are likely to forget to ログアウト,もし、自分のコンピューターを使っている場合なら常時ログインをチェックするといいでしょう。


Although many forums also have a quick ログイン box to allow you to ログイン direct from any screen, its position on the page may vary considerably from forum to forum. In the SMF default theme, for example, it's in the collapsable section at the top, whereas it's more likely to be at the bottom in themes based on the older YaBB SE forum. If you can't see it and it hasn't simply been collapsed, it's either not enabled at all (in which case you should still be able to access the ログイン screen from the メインメニュー) or you're already logged in (in which case メインメニュー should include a ログアウト rather than ログイン link!).

ログイン with username, password and session length

To use the quick ログイン box, enter your username and password, select your session length from the drop-down menu and click ログイン. Please note that Forever, like Always stay logged in, simply means that the computer should remember you until you next choose to ログアウト, and not that you actually need to be online all of that time!






You can enter either your username or your email address so long as you check the appropriate option, then click the Send button to send yourself an email containing a link to reset your password. It's also possible to avoid the email altogether if you've set yourself a secret question and answer in your profile, but please beware of questions that anyone could answer or guess (like 'what is the first color of the rainbow?', which would be a very bad choice)!

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